For the third time in the last year and a half, IAFI Israel Director, David Leshnick participated along with 120 Jewish Leaders from 25 countries and from 55 Jewish Organizations from across the  globe, in the third meeting of The Global Forum Against Anti-Semitism, taking place in Jerusalem October 26-27, 2004.


The Forum decided to advance a global human rights policy, based on linkage in order to make anti-Semitism a much more prominent issue in the bilateral relations between the West and the Arab-Moslem worlds.


The Forum, has been meeting at the initiative, and under the chairmanship, of Israel’s Minister for Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs, Natan Sharansky. Among the resolutions that were agreed upon, at the meeting, intensification of efforts, together with European political leadership, to vigorously counter anti-Semitism in Europe was of highest priority.


The Forum was addressed by Nicole Guedj, the Minister of State for Victims Rights in the Government of France,  who was personally sent to the Global Forum by French President Jacques Chirac to defend France’s record in fighting anti-Semitism. 


Former Swedish deputy prime minister and human rights activist Per Ahlmark gave a stirring defense of America and Israel in a keynote address at the Forum. “The greatly maligned Great Satan (America) and Little Satan (Israel) are in fact the moral conscious of the world”, he said. “Thank God for America, and thank God for Israel!”


The Forum resolved to strengthen efforts to check the flow of hate from the Islamic world into Western societies by enlisting Western legal systems, government and regulatory agencies.


Global Forum members also resolved to make a concerted outreach effort aimed at the NGO world in an attempt to re-capture the human rights agenda; to aggressively pursue the opportunities for countering anti-Semitism available through the OSCE framework; to continue to lobby for the passage of a stand-alone resolution in the UN condemning anti-Semitism; and to devote more attention and resources to dealing with the growing reports of faculty anti-Semitism on university campuses, in North America and elsewhere.



January 2004 Global Forum on Anti-Semitism