Science and Technology in Israel

Israel boasts being one of the countries in the world with the most developed technological sector. It is one of the world’s innovative countries and also one of the largest producers of scientific output.

Reasons behind the success of Israel’s science and technology industry

  • Education

One of the leading success factors for science and technology in Israel is the fact that the education sector is invested in technology, science, and innovation. With that, the country can develop brainpower that is making significant improvement and ensuring continuity in the sector. It is worth noting that Israel is one of the nations in the world that invests a substantial amount of its GDP in education. The country spends the largest GPD on education compared to any other OECD country. As a result, most of Israel population made up of engineers, scientists making an exceptional taskforce.

  • Government support

Israel’s government has for a long time invested in the tech industry. For one, there are policies in place concerned with availing incentives for industrial research and development. One of the bodies involved in such support is the Israel Innovation Authority. The government is also working with the tech companies to improve cybersecurity through increasing awareness on cybersecurity options like how to setup VPN windows 8 and other VPN features and so on. Again, Israel is also one of the countries in the world that have been able to fight cybercrime successfully.

  • Israel Innovation Model

Israel’s Innovation Model, which is based on tech-transfer is yet another contributor to the success of science and innovation in the nation. Tech-transfer can be defined merely as the process of disseminating technology from its area of origin to distribute it among the people and different places.

Tech transfer in Israel is focused on transferring the technology from universities and research centres to the industry.

Industries that science and technology is benefiting

Most industries in Israel have benefited from science and technology. Among the top beneficiaries are:

  • Agriculture

The agricultural sectors in Israel are one of the significant beneficiaries of technology. The industry has significantly benefited from the use of technology for the efficient user of water. On top of that technology has enhanced agricultural production in peripheral areas. Thanks to that, Israel’s agricultural products have a competitive advantage, especially in the international markets.

  • Health

The health sector is also having a good share of Israel’s thriving science and technology. Research, science, and technology have enabled the health industries to come up with effective methods to combat health issues relative to Israel’s environment. Tech transfer and the interaction between research institutions and universities have further supported biomedical research in building medical technologies for disease detection and treatment.

  • Infrastructural development

Research and development have led to the discovery of alternative sources of energy. More so, the government has been able to have efficient techniques for desalination and waste utilization methods.

Science and technology have also given Israel many opportunities in international trade and also enhanced the country’s global cooperation in research and development. Public security has also been increased. There is no sector in Israel that science and technology have not infiltrated.